Common Issues with Heating Systems During Winter

Home heating systems that run well keep you comfortable and save you money. Unfortunately, when problems arise, your comfort and money are at stake. Here are 5 of the most common heating system problems that affect homes during the winter:

·         Pilot light or ignition control: Depending on the type of system you have (gas or electric), the heater lights via a pilot light or an ignition control. When either one of these isn’t working, the furnace won’t turn on.

·         Clogged filters: When air filters are dirty, the airflow is affected, and the furnace doesn’t work as efficiently. It also works harder to do the same job, which puts strain on mechanical parts.

·         Undersized equipment: Heating systems are not one-size-fits-all. You need to have the right-sized unit for your home and heat usage. If you’re installing a new heating system, especially a heat pump, make sure it’s big enough to meet your home’s heating needs.

·         Faulty thermostats: Low battery issues, mismatched temperature readings, wiring problems, and other glitches affect thermostat operation. If your thermostat doesn’t work, your furnace won’t run well.

·         Leaky ductwork: When the ductwork isn’t sealed properly, air leaks out and insufficient heat is delivered to the rooms.

Most heating problems are a direct result of poor maintenance habits. The good news is that this is something that is easily remedied, and it saves you a fortune in heating repair costs. At KBS Heating & Cooling, Inc., we offer quality HVAC services that include maintenance services. We’re an Atlanta-based company, serving the metro ATL area with one-stop heating and cooling services. Whether you need straightforward maintenance services or have a complex heating issue, count on our team of expert technicians for all your repair, replacement, and installation needs. KBS Heating & Cooling, Inc., has decades of experience and is ready to assist you today. Call us at 678-715-9299 to schedule a service today!