Heating & Cooling Experts – Atlanta, GA

If you're in the Atlanta area and require heating and AC installation or repair, you've come to the right place. With 40 years of experience under our belt, KBS Heating & Cooling are your go-to HVAC experts in Atlanta. We offer services ranging from regular heating and AC maintenance to diagnosing and solving complex HVAC issues.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Atlanta

What's the KBS difference? We're a business made up of professionally trained HVAC contractors who go above and beyond to ensure a healthy and safe air quality in your home. We're authorized to serve you top of the line Trane and Champion products and licensed to install them in your home with only the highest standards of workmanship. We'll also run a thorough inspection of your current HVAC system before we begin repair or installation to save you from paying for unnecessary work.

We provide the Atlanta area with services including but not limited to:

●      Heating repair

●      Heating installation

●      Air conditioning repair (fixing AC leaks, refrigerant leaks, and many more)

●      Air conditioning installation

●      Regular HVAC maintenance 

Heating - Atlanta

Don't want to wait until the middle of the winter to find out your heating system isn't working properly. Hot as Atlanta summers may be, the coldest winter temperatures can render a home without heat uncomfortable at best. At KBS Heating & Cooling, we're on a mission to perform quick and efficient work to remedy your inconvenient heating issues. Our responsiveness and commitment to quality will ensure that you and yours stay toasty during the colder months. In the case of an HVAC emergency, we'll do everything in our power to get to you the same day so you can warm up ASAP.

The heating services we offer include gas furnace repair, electric furnace repair, HVAC installations and change outs, and regular HVAC maintenance and inspection. If you have questions about a more nuanced system or you're wondering if we offer a specific service, give us a call at External link opens in new tab or window678-715-9299.

Keep in mind that for the purpose of putting your mind at ease, we offer 90-day and one-year warranties for our services, depending on the situation. 

Air Conditioning - Atlanta

Hiring KBS Heating & Cooling in Atlanta is the best way to ensure that your home has the most effective and efficient cooling system available. We service both large and small homes as well as businesses, and we have the experience necessary to set you up with a system that will keep you cool and save you money.

When you deal with us, you'll quickly realize that transparency and communication are among our top priorities. We'll inspect your system and give you an honest evaluation of costs associated with maintenance and repair. We'll never waste your time and money by suggesting frivolous or futile measures for your HVAC system. That's our guarantee.

Aside from AC maintenance and repair, our AC services include evaporator coil service, heat pump repairs, and change outs. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call External link opens in new tab or window678-715-9299 and we'll fit you in as promptly as we can.