5 Surprising Benefits of Ductless AC Systems

Air conditioning isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. So, as a homeowner or business owner, selecting the best cooling system for your structure is essential. The right cooling system will be responsive to your temperature needs, works for a long period of time, is reliable, doesn't break down or show complications often, and has a long lifespan.

You can find all of these benefits and more in a ductless AC system. HVAC contractors in Atlanta, or specialists in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, often recommend ductless systems over the typical central air system. Read on to learn why.

Save Money

Utility prices are higher than ever, and that means that cooling your home or business could be costlier this year than in any previous year. Thankfully, a ductless AC system is easy on your finances. Ductless heating and AC units use far less energy than central air systems, which results in a huge financial savings for you of up to 30% per month.

Environmental Impact

Efficient units are better for the environment, not just your wallet. Ductless units are freestanding, and can be placed in multiple rooms, running independently according to your cooling needs. This means that, unlike with central air systems, you get to control which areas of the building are cooled. There's no need to cool your bedroom if you're entertaining in your kitchen and dining room. Less energy usage means a better impact on the environment.

Comfortable Experience

Ductless AC systems give you total control over where you'd like to place the units, how many you want, and which direction they'll cool in. Modern ductless units also work quickly to produce cool, comfortable air. There's no need to trigger a thermostat, wait for it to trigger the AC unit, wait for it to generate cool air, and then wait for this air to slowly trickle through all of your vents. Turn on a ductless unit and feel cold, comfortable air right away.

Ease of Installation

Because ductless AC units are, well, ductless, there's no need to invest in major demolition or remodeling work. If you own a historic or old home, it probably wasn't built to accommodate central air vents. Instead of tearing through the structure, why not place some simple ductless units throughout the building? HVAC repair and installation teams can have your state-of-the-art system up and running in minutes.

Silent Operation

Many of the newest central air units are still very noisy, and because they're often placed directly outside of bedrooms, they can interrupt your sleep. Don't lose sleep to get cool. Invest in a silent ductless unit, which turns on and shuts off without more than a peep. Many HVAC maintenance experts agree that there's a more comfortable user experience with a ductless unit. Get in touch with HVAC contractors in Atlanta to learn more about pricing, available units, and how to upgrade to a ductless cooling system.