Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System

air conditioning unit Atlanta The air conditioning system is one of your home’s most important operating systems. It is also one of the most significant and costly of home improvement projects, so it helps to choose a new system wisely.

A central air conditioning system runs cooled air throughout the home. The condenser unit is installed outdoors, and the air-handling unit with a blower and evaporator coil is in your home’s basement, attic, or garage.

Any one of the working parts can break down over time. An evaporator coil repair could cost hundreds of dollars in parts and labor, and a condenser replacement can be even more expensive.

If you decide that a central air conditioning unit is worth the investment, you should do your initial research into the size of the unit, its energy efficiency, features and warranty information. An informed choice before buying from a supplier of air conditioning in Atlanta will help you in the long run.

Energy Savings

The central air conditioning unit is one of the costliest appliances to operate in your house. The hotter your house gets on humid summer days, the lower the thermostat goes, and the higher the electricity bill gets.

It is essential to consider an air conditioner’s ability to operate in the most cost-efficient way. When shopping for one, pay attention to the yellow Energy Guide label posted on the unit, and look for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER), which is issued by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The higher the SEER number, the more energy efficient the unit. Units manufactured after January 2006 must have a SEER rating of at least 13. Those with SEER ratings of 15 to 17 are rated the most efficient.

Money-Saving Features

In addition to its SEER rating, you will want to ask your supplier about energy-saving features in the air conditioning unit that you may not be aware of. A unit equipped with a variable-speed blower, for example, can be effective in reducing energy consumption. If you are forgetful about changing the unit’s filter, look for one with a filter indicator light that reminds you when it needs replacement. Many energy-saving features are in most of the newer central air units.

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Size Is Important

Your installer needs to know how big or small the air conditioning unit should be. This involves calculating how much cooling capacity it takes to maintain a level of comfort.

There are many factors involved in the calculations: Square footage, the number and placement of rooms, the construction materials, thermal efficiency of the doors and windows, and even direct sunlight on the home.

It is important that your contractor take all the variables into consideration and perform the proper calculations when it comes to the size of your air conditioning system. Having the wrong-sized unit can lead to multiple problems later.

The Right Warranty

The air conditioning unit you purchase will be covered by a warranty. The warranty can vary according to the manufacturer and may not cover everything. It may cover the parts, but not the labor. It may be in effect as long as you own the house, or for just a year or two. Before buying your unit, read the warranty terms and conditions carefully and understand what they do and do not cover.

Your choice of an air conditioning unit is an important decision, so do thorough research and ask plenty of questions. Your supplier and installation contractor of air conditioning in Atlanta should have the answers for you.