What to Consider before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

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Getting a new air conditioning or heating system installed is a big step for any homeowner. It can lead to lower utility bills as the new, efficient system does its magic for your home. It can be a challenge though, with so many options for how to heat and cool your home. Chances are, your need to hire a heating company in Atlanta to do the work for you. In this case, you have to consider many factors to avoid your renovation project becoming a disaster. Here are three things to consider when shopping around for HVAC contractor.

Are They Insured?

It might not seem like a huge issue on the surface, but if the contractor is not insured, then you leave yourself exposed to serious financial issues if anything happens to your home during the installation. Because HVAC workers are dealing with electricity, there is always a chance that they will injure themselves on the job. If this happens, and the contractor does not have liability insurance, you may find yourself being held liable for all repairs. This a a risk no homeowner should be willing to take, especially as these liabilities can reach well north of five figures. Doing your due diligence will most certainly be worth it.

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Similar to insurance, under no circumstances do you want to hire an HVAC contractor that isn't licensed and bonded with the proper local authorities. These licenses are designed to make sure that only those with the proper training and ability are working on HVAC projects, and not taking the time to make sure that your contractor has the proper credentials can lead to a disaster for your home. Many of these licenses are easy to verify on your own, and the slight premium you might pay is nothing compared to having the job done twice. Be sure for your finances, your home, and your sanity to work with a licensed contractor on your next job.

Reviews and Other Factors

One of the big advantages of modern internet is the ability to see reviews of just about any company to help make your purchasing decisions. HVAC is no different in this scenario. You can, and should, look into the reputation that any potential HVAC contractor has, to see if they're worthy of doing business with. How previous customers feel about a contractor’s work can say a great deal about what you can expect from them. However, this should also be weighed against other factors, such as the cost of the job, and what time-frame to expect, to make sure that they will leave you satisfied at the end.

It can be nerve-racking to try and decide on the right contractor for your HVAC job. But, by doing your research and properly weighing your options, you will end up with a well heated and cooled home at the end of it all.