Protect Yourself from Cold Weather

With Our Reliable Heating System Solutions

Dropping winter temperatures means pulling warm coats out of storage, dusting off your favorite pair of snuggly boots, and clicking the heat button on your furnace. Keeping your home warm and toasty during freezing weather is easy when you have a well-maintained heating system. Waiting for the temperatures to drop before you care for your furnace is a bit like waiting to buy fire insurance until you see flames; give your furnace the care and attention is needs before the cold weather comes to make sure you and your family don’t have to spend any cold, heatless nights. To make sure your heater is up and running when you need it, schedule regular maintenance services with KBS Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Metro Atlanta, GA. We provide all manner of heating services, including gas and electric heating system repair, new heating system installations, change-outs, and planned heating system maintenance services. Our technicians in Villa Rica, GA, are also familiar with working on hybrid units, conversions from gas to electric, and transitioning from all-electric to gas or propane.

Take care of yourself, your home, and your family by letting KBS Heating & Cooling keep you furnace in tip-top shape. Call us today!