How to Choose a HVAC Repair Company for Home Remodeling

Congratulations! You’ve closed on a new-to-you house, but you’re not quite ready to move in. You’ve got a significant list of renovations to complete before the house becomes your home.

Home remodeling can be so exciting. However, there’s far more to renovating than designing updated room layouts, picking new furniture, and matching colors. You must hire a reputable air conditioning service in Atlanta, to ensure that the hidden functions of your new home: heating, plumbing, coolant systems and electrical work, are all up-to-code and installed to last over time.

Where Did You Get Your License?

Before hiring air conditioner maintenance in Atlanta, be sure the person responding to your call is licensed. HVAC licensure can be slightly complicated, state-to-state, so it’s good to know what to ask:

·         Are you licensed in the state of Georgia?

·         Does Atlanta have any specific licensure requirements and, if so, have you complied?

·         May I please have the website where I can look up, and confirm, your licensure.

·         What type(s) of licenses does your company hold?

·         Are your staff also licensed plumbers and electricians?

Who Do You Work For?

Construction workers work for contracting firms, but more often than not, HVAC contractors are a solo act. Your lead contact may have a small team he’s put together over the years, but it’s crucial you ask detailed questions before signing a work contract.

·         Who did you apprentice under?

Trade jobs are making a slow comeback, yet contrary to popular belief they aren’t an “easy” path to follow. Although you may be calling for a simple air conditioner maintenance in Atlanta, the person who responds will have completed quite a journey to get there.

Plumbers, electricians, and coolant experts work under a master for years and complete hundreds-of-hours of on-the-job training before they’re allowed to go out on their own.  There shouldn’t be any hesitation when you ask who they trained under. In fact, it will probably be one of their proudest moments to share it with you.

What Insurances Do You Carry?

Bonding and insurance in the HVAC industry are another important detail to ask about. Anyone who works in your home should carry their own liability insurance to cover accidental issues they create. Many states also require bonding as proof of valid licensure.

When you know your rights as a homeowner and a customer, you’ll feel confident when you call for air conditioning service Atlanta. Moreover, once you’ve created a relationship with a local service company, and know they’re reputable, you can call them again for any bigger HVAC issues that arise.