How to Choose the RIght Size AC System

AC unit

Did you know that air conditioning performance is greatly affected by the size of the unit servicing the home? That’s right. Air conditioning units are not one-size-fits-all. Smaller homes using a larger-sized system might be using more energy that they need to cool their home. However, the most common problem is larger homes using units that are too small to produce the amount of cooling they need. If your air conditioning system in Villa Rica seems to be under-performing, you might need a bigger unit.

Sizing an AC Unit

When you get ready to buy a new air conditioning unit, consider the square footage of the home.  The cooling capacity needed for your home is directly related to the home’s size. Air conditioners, including central air and single-room units, use the British Thermal Units (BTU) measurement system.

Check your home’s square footage against these recommendations from the United States Department of Energy:

·         5,000 – 7, 000 BTU: 100 – 300 square feet

·         8,000 – 12, 000 BTU: 300 – 800 square feet

·         14,000 – 18,000 BTU: 1,000 – 1, 200 square feet

·         21,000 – 24,000 BTU: 1500 – 2,000

·         30,00 BTU: 2,000 – 2,500 square feet

If your home’s size falls somewhere in between these numbers, discuss your cooling needs with an ac repair service in Villa Rica.


Indications You Need a Bigger AC Unit

Are you constantly calling for ac repair service in Villa Rica? There are many reasons why air conditioning units breakdown such as failed mechanical parts, clogged air ducts, and dirty air filters. However, if your air filters and ducts are clean and mechanical parts have been replaced but the problems still happen, it may simply be your unit is working too hard.

Another indication that you need a bigger unit is poor cooling. Do you notice that your air conditioning unit doesn’t cool consistently? Does it struggle to turn on? These are all signs that something isn’t right. If your service technician determines there isn’t a mechanical issue, he or she might recommend replacing the unit with a bigger one.

AC Installation in Villa Rica

When you need a new air conditioner for your home, ask your service technician to recommend an unit that fits your home’s needs. Following these guidelines ensures that you get a unit that won’t use unnecessary amounts of energy and one that works 24/7. Also, make sure that the person who performs ac installation in Villa Rica has experience installing the type of unit you purchase. Taking these precautions ensures many years of uninterrupted usage.