Reasons Why HVAC Systems Break Down

Are you experiencing problems with your residential heating and cooling system? HVAC problems aren’t as mysterious as you might think. Check out the following 8 reasons why HVAC systems break down.

·         Tripped Circuits: If your HVAC is drawing energy from a circuit that’s drawing energy from too many other electrical sources, this need to be fixed.

·         Dirty Filters: HVAC filters need changing once every 30 – 90 days. Clogged filters cause HVAC units to work harder and produce less.

·         Low Refrigerant: If your unit isn’t cooling well, check refrigerant levels. Sometimes, your unit needs a little boost.

·         Thermostat issues: Do you have your thermostat set correctly? Also, is the thermostat in an area that’s too sunny or too shady? Relocating the thermostat might fix the problem.

·         Sizing problems: If you have a large home, you might need to add another unit or upgrade to improve the heating and cooling experience.

·         Broken capacitors: When capacitors break, the unit won’t be able to cycle air anymore. This is a common issue in older models as parts age and tend to break.

·         Dirt and debris: When the air doesn’t cool like it used to, check the outdoor unit. Hose it down and remove any debris such as leaves, dirt, sticks, etc.

·         Lack of maintenance: HVAC units need regular maintenance such as filter changes, parts lubricated, and small mechanical issues fixed.

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