An air conditioning company in Atlanta can help keep your AC in good working condition with regular maintenance and tune ups. However, proper maintenance doesn't guarantee that you'll never need AC repairs, which is why it's good to pay attention to indications that your system is in need of repair. Here are some of the most common signs to watch for.

Unusual Sounds

There are a few important sounds that can indicate your AC needs some professional help. These sounds can come on gradually, meaning that the AC gets louder while it operates. Sometimes the change is so gradual that you don't notice anything unusual until it's much louder than it once was. On the other hand, you may hear sudden squealing, grinding, banging, or clanking noises. Whether these noises continue while the AC runs or you only notice them when it turns on, they're cause for concern and you should call an AC repair company right away.

Uneven Temperature

Another sign that something's wrong with your AC is if the temperature throughout your home seems substantially uneven. This is especially true if you can't find another explanation for the uneven cooling, such as sun coming through a window or lack of shade. Uneven temperature could be a problem with your AC itself or something related to the ductwork; either way, it's wise to get a professional's opinion.

Leaking Water

A well-running AC should release moisture because that means it's removing the moisture from the air and working properly. However, if you notice moisture from somewhere besides the drip line it could mean there's a clog that's preventing the moisture from draining properly. While this might not be one of the most serious problems for your AC, it can cause expensive damage to your home if the leaking goes undetected for long. It's also possible for refrigerant to leak occasionally, so if you suspect that, contact help right away.

Warm Air

If your AC seems to be running fine but upon further inspection you find that the air is warm rather than cool, you definitely need some air conditioner maintenance in Atlanta. It could be something simple like a low refrigerant level or something more serious like compressor problems.

Weak Air Flow

In some cases, your AC will be able to cool the air sufficiently, but have a problem that prevents it from delivering the air correctly. You may notice this by feeling the air coming from the vents or even from warm spots in your home. This is often a result of duct issues, but an AC company can determine if that's truly the problem.

Higher Power Bills

Finally, if you notice your utility bills are getting higher without explanation, it could be that a needed repair is preventing your AC from working as efficiently as it should. Seeking help immediately can help you save money on additional repairs and higher power bills.