Signs You Should Call an HVAC Repair Professional


Your HVAC is important to your health and well-being. It keeps you comfortable in the summer with cooler air and in the winter with warmer air. Like any system, your HVAC is going to break down at some point. Here are some sure signs you should call for HVAC repair in Atlanta:

Burning Cash

Keep track of your energy and utility bills. If they spike for no apparent reason, you may be facing an increase in the use of your HVAC system. When one part stops working, the other parts compensate; they typically use more energy to do so. That's money you don't need to waste every month, and it will lead to a costlier future repair.

Cold Spots

The HVAC units in most homes and buildings are designed to keep the place warm without any variations. If you have cold spots in your home, your first thought may be "ghosts," but your second thought should be to call an HVAC repair professional. If you can find one with Ghostbuster qualifications, it won't matter if it's ghosts or the more likely issue of your HVAC not working properly.


Something in the Ducts

Those things that go bump in the night may seem like they come from a scary movie, but if they're in your HVAC system, call in a pro who knows what to do. The same goes for funky smells like mold, mildew, or gas. If there's a leak in the duct system providing a pleasant growing atmosphere for these, then you have a problem that's going to make more than duct tape. The smell of gas could mean your furnace is leaking, which is also a huge problem. Besides, you've seen scary movies; you know that you shouldn't investigate the weird sounds or bad smells, let someone else take that risk.

Out to Pasture

Every machine and system have a life expectancy. If you know the age of your HVAC system, you can figure out the approximate time that it will kick the bucket. No amount of External link opens in new tab or windowHVAC repair in Atlanta will save it once it gets to that point (about 10 years is standard for an upgrade to be effective). However, if you're prepared for the breakdown, you'll be able to get the system replaced quickly and with a minimum amount of down time. If you don't know the age, call in an HVAC professional and have the company do a check and maintenance work. They may be able to help you prepare for the time when you need to replace your old system.