Stay Cool This Summer: AC Energy-Saving Tips

Summer is almost here, and with it comes to a steadily climbing power bill. How do you keep your family cool while cutting energy costs? Combat the rising temperatures and the inevitable hike in energy costs with some a few simple energy-saving tips and home upgrades. Simple upgrades like replacing old weather-stripping can also help you stay warm in the winter months. To beat the heat and save money this summer, keep reading for tips from the HVAC experts at KBS Heating and Cooling.  


Before summer temperatures reach an all-time high, take a few moments to reevaluate the weatherstripping and framing around your doors and windows. Weatherstripping is usually made of plastic or rubber. Time and exposure to the elements will cause the seals around your doors and windows to rot and crack. Cool air escapes your home through these cracks, forcing your AC to work harder to maintain internal temperatures. If you can see sunlight or feel air around the edges of your door or window frame, it’s time to consider a new frame or new weather-stripping. Solar window film will also help reduce the amount of heat coming through your windows and help you save money on cooling costs.


Investing in a digital thermostat will also help you save energy this summer because they are more accurate than the outdated mercury-based models. With a Wi-Fi connection and IFTTT smartphone technology, you can control also control your digital thermostat from your phone or tablet. If you left the house for vacation and forgot to adjust your thermostat, use the smartphone app connected to the device to change it. Turn the thermostat down when you’re on your way home so you’ll come back to a comfortable house. You can also use IFTTT technology to turn on fans, close blinds, and turn off lights which will also help you save money on your monthly energy bill.


Afternoon to evening is usually the hottest part of the day. To keep your home cool through the afternoon hours, avoid heat-generating appliances like your oven or dryer. Prepare you afternoon lunch ahead of time or make meals that don’t require the use of an oven or microwave. Staying hydrated or turning on a ceiling fan will also help you stay cool. Weather permitting, skip the clothes dryer and dry your wet laundry outside on a clothing line. Not only will you save money on utility costs, but you’ll also help the environment by reducing your energy needs.