Tips to Maintain Your HVAC System during the Summer

HVAC repairs are the last thing anyone in Atlanta wants this summer, but if you fail to take care of your AC unit from time to time, then repairs may be the only option left. Since summer is a busy season for most HVAC companies, you'll have to deal with increased wait times, and prices, to have any sort of service done. The smartest thing to do is to make sure that you don’t need any serious work done during the next few months. If you have any sort of concerns regarding your HVAC unit, or if you haven't performed routine maintenance in a while, speaking to someone who works with cooling and heating services in Atlanta can put a lot of worries aside for the summer ahead. 

Taking Pressure off Your HVAC Unit 

Your HVAC unit is just like any other machine, the more it works, the less it lasts. Atlanta is home to some of the highest temperatures in the states, not to mention the humidity. This means many home owners have their AC on at all times, even when they're away. While keeping your home cool is important, there're several things you can do to ease some pressure off your AC. Sunlight is responsible for heating up your home, and sunrays enter your home primarily through the windows. This means if you have no protection on your windows, your home will slowly turn into an oven. Many people combat this problem by running their AC at maximum power, which doesn’t do much good for the unit's longevity. Others close their blinds, but this doesn't fight the problem as well as people think it would, and it creates a dark atmosphere in your home which requires more lighting, and results in a higher energy bill. The best way to keep heat rays out is with window film. The reason window film works so well is because it makes your windows reflect most of the light which hits them. Since high quality window film can prevent up to 90% of sunrays from entering your home, you can let your AC take a serious break. Anyone who works with cooling and heating system repair in Atlanta can tell you more. 

Upgrading Your Thermostat 

Another way to take some pressure off your AC is by upgrading your thermostat. Most thermostats have basic settings, which means your AC unit is overworking most of the time. Advanced thermostats can actually sense when the house is empty, which allows them to automatically adjust to new settings which focus on saving energy. Another option is a thermostat which can be remotely controlled from one of your mobile devices. This is a great tool for those of you who have an erratic schedule, since often times you won’t know when you'll be home. Calling a pro who works with cooling and heating services in Atlanta can give you a better understanding of how these upgrades work.